simply salad…

it’s hot..and when i say hot i mean it’s like 100 degrees and i’m just plain cranky because i’m sweating. i’m a woman, i’m not supposed to sweat. i’ve spent an hour on fixing my hair and makeup only for mother nature to melt it all away by the time i walk from my apartment to my car…ugh…cooking and eating while hot isn’t much fun. so today it hit me. i wanted a salad. now this isn’t unusual, i love veggies any and all kinds,spinach is my lettuce of choice, i usually like fruit and nuts in my salad with a sweetsy-twettsy dressing. but today i wanted an old school salad like the one i used to get at the bel air grill restaurant back home. fancy burg lettuce is what i want..and i want it cold it hurts you teeth..and i want old school veggies, carrots,green bell peppers, cucumbers,and to top it all off ranch dressing.homemade butter milk ranch that is.

this salad was easy i think i eat another plate…so go ahead eat your no nutritional value salad and enjoy every bite…

buttermilk ranch dressing for two

3 T. mayo ( i always use hellmanns )

2 T. sour cream

1 garlic clove-(use a microplain to grate or chop finely)

1 T. fresh parsley-chopped finely

1 T. fresh chives-chopped finely

1/4 tsp worcestershire sauce

pinch of salt and pinch of pepper

1/4 cup of buttermilk

  • begin by measuring mayo and sour cream into a small mixing bowl. whisk to combine.
  • mince garlic and chop parsley and chives. add to mayo mixture in bowl. add in worcestershire then whisk again.
  • sprinkle in salt and pepper, then taste for seasoning before adding buttermilk, if you think it needs more salt , then add more salt.
  • while whisking mayo-herb mixture slowly add in buttermilk. if the mixture seems too thick simply add more milk.

put this on a salad, on a shoe what ever you want because it doesn’t matter even if it’s a flip flop it’s gonna taste good.


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