buffalo chicken taquitos…

so i was in need of a quick lunch. i was out of bread, no lunch meat, and out of ideas. we had a few people over a few weeks back and made a buffalo chicken dip and everyone loved it, but luckily that left over bottle of hot sauce was enough to spark an idea for me…what if i made a “small” amount of dip but put it in a tortilla and then fried it to crispy goodness…sounds like lunch to me.

from me two you,


buffalo chicken taquitos

2 T. cream cheese

1/4 C. cooked chicken – chopped

1 T. buffalo wing sauce

1 T. blue cheese crumbles

2 flour tortilla shells

vegetable oil for frying

blue cheese dressing for dipping or sour cream for a topping

  • in small bowl heat cream cheese in microwave for 30 seconds.
  • in same bowl add in chicken, wing sauce, and blue cheese. stir well to combine.
  • now lay out both tortilla shells and divide cream cheese mixture evenly in center on both shells.
  • heat vegetable oil in frying pan ( depending on size of your pan is how much oil you will need, you want there to be about 1/4 inch thick )
  • brown stuffed tortillas until crispy. serve warm with blue cheese dressing for dipping sauce and/or sour cream on top.

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