crab rangoon…

chinese takeout..doesn’t it just sound exciting.all of those cute little takeout boxes filled with fried rice and many other delicious odd things that i never cook on my own. well all of those cute little boxes aren’t so cute to my honey, he hates chinese, well i take that back he doesn’t hate it , it just isn’t his choice of eating habits. but luckily for me he absolutely loves crab rangoon, i guess because it’s the least asian flavor item on the menu, i mean do they really have cream cheese in china? anywho his love afair for these crispy cream cheesey fake crab things allow me to indulge in my rice binge and that my dear is compromise at it’s best. so being the experimentalist in the kitchen i decided that it shouldn’t be to hard to make, after all it is cream cheese, and after all i am southern and anyone knows there are two things in this world southern girls are good at cooking with-cresent rolls and cream cheese. these really didn’t take much to make these babies, i have to say my honey was very pleased with his extra large order of crab rangoon made just for just a bit of advice this week, try to make something nice for someone you love, just because they are worth it…

from me two you,



crab rangoon

1/2 block cream cheese – softened

2 green onion – chopped

1/2 C. crab meat – chopped

1 T. worcestershire sauce

1/2 tsp garlic salt

1/4 tsp pepper

wonton shells – (i used about 1/2 a package for around 25)

vegetable oil – (for frying, amount depends on how large your pot is, oil needs to be 1 inch thick)

sweet and sour sauce for dipping

  • in small bowl combine cream cheese, green onion, and crab meat. mix lightly to combine.
  • next add in worcestershire, garlic salt, and pepper. again mix lightly to combine.
  • on cutting board lay out 2 wonton shells at a time, using a “small spoon” from your silverware, get about a 1/2 spoon amount of crab mixture and place in center of wonton shell.
  • get a small bowl and fill it with water and set to the side on your cutting board, now dip you pointer finger in water and run your finger along all four edges of wonton shell, now fold shell over to make a triangle, and place finished rangoon to the side of your board.
  • stuff all wonton shells until crab mixture is gone.
  • place oil in pot of your choice, and allow to heat on high for a few minutes, you can test the oil by dipping the edge of a rangoon into the oil, if it begins to bubble your ready for frying.
  • fry 2 rangoons at a time, flipping over once golden brown on each side. (should only take about 20 sec per side)
  • drain on papertowels and serve warm with sweet and sour sauce on the side.



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