pinterest recipes gone bad…

so if you are like me i have an addiction to pinterest. i get that itch if i don’t get my fix for at least 10 minutes a day. all those diy projects, holiday ideas, and of course recipes. so as most of you who are probably reading this, you have tried a few of these lovely looking posts,because of course they will turn out looking just as delicious as their photos. well apparently my taste buds do not enjoy the same thing as some of these people. so here’s to anyone else who’s gone to the store, bought all the special ingredients,and got so excited to take a first bite of some delish dish, and that bite tastes like crap. below you will find some of my “crap” dishes, hope it’s a voice of reason next time your thinking of making something best of luck to all my fellow pinterest cooks, looks like were going to need it…

from me two you,


cream cheese enchiladas: all i can say is these were so goopy and overly fake cheesey, just really gross.

cookie pie: its wasn’t chewy enough for a cookie, and to dry to be a cake. it was just crumble stuff around m&m’s. i tried this one twice and it went in the garbage both times.

secret sweet tea: they say the secret is a pinch of baking soda, it helps to make the tea “clearer” . i couldn’t taste a difference or see a difference. so i’ll just leave my tea sugary as possible, no point of diluting my liquid gold.


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