pudding cookies…

i have a love affair with soft batch cookies, you know the ones in the red bag made by little keebler elves. my grandmother would always keep a bag hidden for my sisters and I to snack on , and sometimes i just get the hankerin for a chewy little cookie. so i saw this recipe and the picture sure looked like soft batch cookies, and i thought the addition of the pudding mix would surely give the cookies that bit of “processed” taste i was looking for. well they tasted nothing like soft batch cookies, and not that they claimed to , but they were ok, a bit to cakey for my taste, but i can mark it off my bucket list of stuff i’d been wanting to make. so if you like cakey little cookies, give this recipe a try…



from me two you,



2 thoughts on “pudding cookies…

  1. Oooh, these look great! I love chocolate chips cookies though I never made them with pudding mix before. Will have to give these a try. 🙂

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