lazy day food tray…

Who say’s weekend snacks have to be homemade? I’m the first one to promote the “make it yourself” food hippies out there, but once a week it’s Sunday, and as the Lord says it’s supposed to be a day of rest. I usually cook “dinner” at lunch time and will have “snacks ” for dinner. Here you will find no recipe…just wanting your thoughts, what are your favorite snack trays you make? This one was herb goat cheese with pretzel crisps, salami, and a cheddar cheese ball from aldi (as a side note if you have an aldi , go get one of those babies, mightly tasty for a few bucks). Now before my momma yells at me I scout’s honor promise I had another tray of celery, apples, and oranges, but who needs to see that… So hope this inspires you to make your favorite lazy day food tray…and don’t forget, let me know what you like to make…

from me two you,



3 thoughts on “lazy day food tray…

  1. I like to make a cheese/nuts drizzled lightly with honey/dried fruit/cured meat plate with a glass of wine. Or sometimes, I like to get frozen mushroom turnovers or seafood cake and make myself a hor ‘derves plate to snack on (again with a glass of wine). Frozen sliders are also fantastic too! 🙂

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