holiday hostess gifts…

 Tis the season of parties and presents. Ahhh parties, most of us will be attending two types of parties…
Party type 1. work – people you don’t really love to hang out with, never really sure what to wear – your either overdress and people think your being flashy or you underdress and people think you’ve let yourself go, and most importantly your on a one drink limit so you don’t make an idiot of yourself, case in point I still talk about the party I attended and someone’s husband punched the boss in the face in the middle of the party…did I mention I worked for Dr.’s ? tee heee hee (don’t you wonder what they talked about when they got home from the party…oh yeah hey babe, did you mean to punch my boss in the face…no biggie I’ll work it out on monday when I have to face everyone alone….) lol (I still laugh about that one…hee hee hee)
Party type 2. friends and family – people you actually love, no one cares what you wear but you put on the good lipstick, your friends break out the good china and everyone has a lovely time… Well here are a few gift ideas for this party type. I know I would rather bring something food but more than likely your already bringing a dish and I honestly think it is so important to show your host or hostess appreciation. The gift doesn’t need to be extreme, honestly the smaller the gift but more thoughtful the better. We all get so busy in this crazy world, it’s nice to just extend that olive branch a bit further than normal and just say thanks, that you appreciate their friendship, and thank them for a lovely evening. Hope this inspires you to spread some holiday spirit…

from me two you,


simple oven mit filled with a beautful antique serving spoon and $1 wooden spoons


maybe a favortie bottle of wine all cuddled up in a cute new pair of socks


treats for their furry friend…now who wouldn’t think that’s just the sweetest


7 thoughts on “holiday hostess gifts…

  1. Great gift ideas Sarah! I’ll be attending my husband’s company party this Friday so I’ll be limiting my drink intake to 1 so I don’t make an horses ass there. 😀

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