christmas time is here…

Smells of pot roast, yeast rolls, and cookies filled the air, and like magic I knew I was home. My apologies for not writing, but as you can imagine, life has been just filled with baking sessions, and that doesn’t leave much time for any thing else. I arrived in TN a few days ago to temperatures of 65 degrees, sun in the sky, and I must say that really beats Chicago weather any day in my book. Momma and I have made oyster crackers, candied pecans, nuts and bolts, shortbread cookies, fudge, captin crunch cookies, just to name a few…My momma’s kitchen is a sacred place to me, it’s always the place I can find her, just standing over the stove,cooking away ( the dogs usually at her feet, just waiting for a morsel to be dropped). I am just like her, feeding people makes her happy, and happy people make her happy. I think it’s just in my blood, her mother was the same way, my dad’s mother is the same way, food is just something that always brings people back together. I get very sentimental about food, a recipe is like treasure map to memories of the ones you love who aren’t with you. In an instant that recipe can take you back to your mamaw’s kitchen, like you are standing there right with her. I hope the holiday’s are filled with memories of new and old for you…and maybe your like me and like to bring back a few food memories as well..feel free to share your memories with me…and here are just a few photos of things I’ve been telling you about, no worries, I’ll post the recipes soon, I just have to find them… tee hee…

from me two you,


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