lemon garlic hummus…


Hummus…doesn’t exactly sound like something I would have tried on my own. Oh no I have my organic wheat germ sister to thank for finally getting me to try it. It’s smooth and creamy, it takes on any flavor you blend into it, and the best part I can eat it with crunchy pita chips. Lets start by taking away all the fany dancyness of the word called hummus and lets call it what it actually is , ground up chick peas (or garbanzo beans). I can thank my momma for my first incounter with chickpeas, she was trying the latest diet food craze that all the crazy women at her work were doing (don’t even eat me started on cocous or the cabbage soup diet, oh yeah I send a real big THANK YOU to those ladies, no wonder you lose weight, the smell alone was a heavy clue that either this stuff turned about two weeks ago or it’s going to take about two weeks to get this stuff out of my system ). I honestly don’t remember how momma fixed them, only that I hated them from the moment I saw them. Times have changed and chic peas are worth your time and effort for a tasty healthy snack. So repress any unfond memories and make new happy memories. After all don’t chick peas deserve another chance….

from me two you,


lemon garlic hummus

1 can chickpeas/garbanzp beans – drained

1 T. roasted garlic – (see below on how to roast garlic)

1/4 cup olive oil

1 T. lemon juice

1 tsp. cumin

roasting the garlic -begin by taking a whole head of garlic – leaving all the paper skin on – and just cut in half horizontaly. place garlic onto a large enough piece of aluminum foil to make a pouch. before you close the pouch – make sure the heads of garlic are sitting with the flesh upright – pour 1T. of olive oil on each half of garlic and sprinkle salt and pepper – close the aluminum foil pouch tightly and place into 400 degree oven and bake for 30 – 35 minutes. the garlic should feel soft to the touch when finished. after baking let garlic cool for 5 minutes, to remove garlic from shell just squeeze each half head (like you squeeze toothpaste from the bottom up) and the garlic will just pop out.

– using a food processor or blender place drained beans, garlic, oil, lemon juice, and cumin inside.

– blend all ingredients together until smooth and creamy.

– serve immediately with pita bread, pita chips, or veggies.

– store in refrigerator for up to 3 days.


12 thoughts on “lemon garlic hummus…

  1. So simple and delicious. I love hummus but I don’t care for garbanzo beans as a whole. Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe Sarah.

  2. My boyfriend and I consume copious amounts of hummus on a weekly basis, but always the store-bought stuff. We have been telling each other for awhile now that we need to make our own, and your recipe looks fantastic! Thank you for the inspiration!

    • oh it is so easy…traditional hummus uses tahini paste, but i dont really care for the taste, so thats were the roasted garlic really brings the right flavor and texture…hope you can give it a try… sarah

  3. People also say home made hommus is the best, every time I make it something goes wrong. The worse was the time I put in too much garlic – I felt garlicy for DAYS afterwards it was bad.

    • lol..well maybe next time will go better..and don’t we all have that one dish we try to make over and over and it never turns out right, mine is a cookie cake, i can’t ever get it right…thanks for stopping by..sarah

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