100 calorie milkshake…


I don’t know why I expect anything but bad news or disappointment from the news anymore. There it was our “healthy new year , new you” segment. Today’s topic was a listing of all your favorite fast food binge items followed with the enormous calorie count. Honestly my parents didn’t let my sisters and I eat little happy boxed meals to often , I’m sure that is due to the fact we lived out in the middle of no where and the closest mc.happyland was an hour away. Now I’m really not a big fast food eater to this day with one exception, milkshakes. Sweet, smooth, cold, creamy, dreamy, ice cream, with whip cream and cherry on top please oh please. Only thing I can say about my fondness of milkshakes is I come by it honest, my dad loves them, both my sisters love them, and so much so that it’s one of our standard calling cards of sisterly love when one of us has a bad day, you just know a milkshake is on the way. The facts remain the same as disappointed as I was , I knew I had to come up with another way to have my milkshake and eat it too…My three favorite things about this milkshake is 1. its only 100 calories..2.beacause of the pudding it stays super thick for a long time and 3. it takes about 30 seconds to make…No excuses this week, you must give this milkshake a try…It’s delicious and almost nutritious (oh fine it’s not nutritious but hey your pants will probably still button and that should make you a happy happy girl…)

from me two you,


chocolate milkshake for one

1 C. milk

1 C. ice cubes – (about 5 cubes)

2 T. chocolate instant pudding mix

– combine all ingredients into blender, blend until well combined or until your desired thickness is reached.

– serve immediately and enjoy.

(you can top with whipped cream, cherries, or peanuts…also you can change the pudding mix to any flavor of your choice…)



8 thoughts on “100 calorie milkshake…

  1. Thanks for sharing this great recipe Sarah! I am not often seen having a milkshake but actually craving for them deep down. Yup it’s all about the calories. No more worries now 🙂

  2. love that you can still enjoy a milkshake for only 100 calories! whenever I have a fast food craving, its always something salty like french fries..i can’t stay away from them if they are anywhere near me!

  3. I could just take that straw and…
    Well that milkshake of yours would
    not last very long I can tell you 🙂

    I hope you do not think me too forward
    but I am going to send you an invite to
    my Private Space, it is a friendly place
    to frequent and you are welcome to call
    by if you wish 🙂

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