chicken pot pie & cowboy boots…


What’s up with everyone wanting to be southern these days? From this southerners point of view I feel like we’ve been the red-headed (more appropriately red neck) step child since the civil war just left to wear our cowboy boots and drink sweet tea, kinda like a don’t know don’t care relationship with the rest of the world. Now everyone wants to eat our food, say yes mam & no sir, and wear our clothes. You can thank some tween girl at a chicago grocery store for provoking my thoughts today, “like oh my gosh, I just love your boots, I must have your boots, mom look at her boots, they look so rustic….are you country?that’s so cool”. Well peaches they are “rustic” and yes darlin I am southern. I grow my own groceries, I drive a mustang, yup it’s a ford, and yup it’s made in the USA, I listen to Johnny Cash, my sister can hot wire your car, and as for those boots – my beloved cowboy boots – I’ve been wearing them for about 10 years and their almost broken in… I really am glad the south is having a “revival” of sorts, but I ask you to not consider “southern” as a trend, because for me it’s my way of life. A hodge podge of deer stands, sunday dinners, hand written thank you notes, shootin guns, perfectly fixed hair dos, praying before meals, college football, and so much more all rolled into one. Todays recipe is a simple one, chicken pot pie perfect for a cold wintry day no matter where in the world you are or where you come from.As for my tween acquaintance who wants to wear cowboy boots just remember puttin on a pair of boots doesn’t make you southern; Like puttin on a ball gown and glass heels won’t make me Cinderella…

from me two you,

chicken pot pie
1/2 yellow onion – chopped
2 T. butter
2 T. flour
1 can chicken broth (14oz)
1/2 tsp dried italian seasoning herbs
1 C. cooked vegetables (i used corn, carrots, peas – frozen veggies work great since they are already cooked, so you can just throw them in frozen, if using fresh par boil them first)
1 C. cooked chicken – chopped
pinch of pepper (add salt to taste , but the broth should have enough salt)
1 T. cornstarch
3 T. milk
crust: 1 C. flour, 1/3 C. shortening (crisco), 1/2 tsp. salt, 3 T. cold water

– begin by making our crust. using a small mixing bowl dump in 1 C. flour, 1/3 C. shortening and 1/2 tsp salt. using your hands (or pastry cutter) combine flour and shortening until it crumbles into pea size chunks. add in 3 T. water and stir until a crumbly dough forms, it shouldn’t form into a ball yet, dump dough onto floured surface and knead slightly for the dough to come together into a ball… place dough back into dirty mixing bowl, cover with a kitchen towel and place into fridge to lets make our chicken filling.

– to make our chicken filling begin by using a large frying pan. melt butter in pan on medium low heat, once butter is melted add in chopped onion; cook onions until tender; to the tender onions add in 2 T. flour and whisk well, (we are trying to get all the flour to absorb all the butter in the pan) once the flour has absorbed all the butter slowly pour in 1/2 of the can of chicken broth, making sure to whisk constantly while adding the liquid. once the flour has absorbed the chicken broth (you will know it has absorbed everything when the mixture becomes rather thick) add in the other 1/2 of the can of chicken broth. whisk well to combine. turn heat to low. add in italian seasoning, cooked chicken, and cooked vegetables. taste for seasonings, then add in pinch of pepper. let mixture simmer on low for 5 minutes. In a very small bowl combing 1 T. cornstarch and 3 T. milk, whisk with a fork so all the corn starch is dissolved. pour the corn starch mixture into chicken mixture, making sure to whisk while adding the cornstarch, and turn heat back up to medium. Let mixture reach a low boil. then remove chicken mixture from heat.

– to assemble the pie, use either a deep dish pie plate or 8 x 8 pyrex baking dish(if using a pie plate put a cookie sheet underneath it so if the pie spills over you won’t dirty your oven). spray either with non stick baking spray. pour all of chicken filling mixture into bottom of dish. Remove dough from fridge and begin to roll dough to 1/4 inch thickness (as a note i always roll my dough out on plastic wrap for easier transfer to the actual pie) try to roll dough into the same shape as your pie plate or square baking dish. place dough on top of chicken filling and cut away any excess dough hanging over the edges. using a knife cut 3 slits – 3 inches long – through the crust (this is just to let the steam out so the crust doesn’t bubble up.) Bake pie at 350 for 30 minutes – the crust should be lightly golden and the chicken filling should be bubbly around the sides of pie… once pie is finished cooking let stand for 5 minutes before serving.

Serve warm and enjoy…. p.s. isn’t my tea towel just the cutest..momma and I made it on my last visit…




16 thoughts on “chicken pot pie & cowboy boots…

  1. Hilarious post Sarah – I love it! Way to rock your southern roots! 🙂 And I have been dreaming of chicken pot pies lately too – thank you for the inspiration!

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