salmon burgers…


You may call them salmon cakes, salmon croquettes, salmon burgers, but honey all these little things are just another name for salmon patties. Salmon patties are an old southern favorite usually made in your trusty cast iron skillet served for a quick tasty supper. To make a salmon patties a canned salmon is combined with saltine crackers crumbs plus a few seasonings and an egg helps to bind everything together.  My momma would always serve them with fried potatoes and to this day it is still one of my favorite meals. My twist on todays recipe is to serve salmon patties on burger buns and just like that abracadabra they are transformed into salmon burgers. I believe the bun helps to absorb excess grease and it also allows for a few fresh ingredients , like lettuce and avocado, to hop on board to give an overall cleaner taste. So if you’ve got your momma’s secret salmon pattie recipes tucked away in your cookbook somewhere, brush the dust off of it and give it another try.. and if you’re lacking a southern momma here is my recipe and let’s begin our magic show of turning something old into something a bit new…

from me two you,


salmon burgers

1 (14.75oz) can of pink or red salmon – drained and bones picked out

1 T. olive oil

1/3 C. finely minced onion

1/3 C. finely minced green pepper

1 tsp. old bay seasoning

1 T. fresh chopped parsley

15 saltine crackers crushed fine

1 egg

vegetable oil for frying about a 1/2 cup pending on size of your pan.

burger buns

lettuce and avocado for garnish

– begin by opening and draining you can of salmon. place salmon into large bowl and remove any bones you may see.

– now heat 1 T. olive oil in a saute pan and cook onion and green pepper until vegetables are tender. add cooked vegetables to bowl that is holding the can salmon.

– add old bay seasoning, fresh parsley and cracker crumbs (to crush the crackers i just place them inside a plastic zip bag and hit with a rolling-pin a few times and this achieves a nice fine crumb) to salmon bowl. crack egg into bowl and use your hands to combine mixture.

– once mixture is well combined, form into burger size patties (to ensure all my patties turn out the same size i use an ice cream scoop during this process) place patties onto a plate and let patties refrigerate while the oil is heating.

– to heat oil place into large skillet (you only want a thin layer of oil, no higher than 1/2 the height of the patties) and turn heat to medium high. when the oil begins to ripple you are ready for frying. place 4 patties into pan and begin cooking until browned on both sides. place on paper towels to drain any excess grease.

– now begin to assemble your burgers. place the bun down first (i toasted my bun) place salmon pattie next then top with lettuce and a few slices of fresh avocado. serve and enjoy



22 thoughts on “salmon burgers…

    • Well anybodys momma recipes are the best in my opinion! oh i hope you dust it off and give it a try..would love to hear how your mom made hers… thanks for taking the time to stop by today..sarah

  1. Unlike tuna or sardines, I got no idea how to deal with can salmon that’s why I have never bought it. This is such a brilliant recipe Sarah! And I love burger with chips. All time favorite. Looks like I will need to drop by a supermarket tonight. 🙂

    • well i wish you best of luck, it’s really simple, just try your best to get all the bones out of the salmon, but honestly this is such a quick dinner in under 30mins you can have everything ready to eat…hope your having a great day Danny…and thanks for taking time to stop by..sarah

    • well i’m shocked! your a CA girl..i just assumed salmon burgers would be like street food in your neck of the woods..:) oh give it a try when you need a really quick dinner, like under 30 minutes, and it hits the spot everytime.. thanks for taking time to stop by..sarah

  2. yum! i’ve always tended to go for the beef burger, probably because it’s foolproof and i’m too scared to venture out (for fear of failure). but you make it sound and look so easy-breezy. i’ll definitely have to try.

  3. These look fabulous! The avocado is the perfect addition, thanks for sharing the recipe! These are perfect for eating on the porch as soon as the weather warms up!

    • thank you i can’t say i’ve had char before…will have to check it out..and if you try it out, let me know if the char burgers turn out well… thanks for taking the time to stop by today… sarah

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