hot chocolate for one…


I thought I was flying south for a few day to bask in warmer weather (I know , I know it is still winter, but I was at least praying for the sun to be out) instead I’ve been greeted with a few sunny days and now some cold winter wind storm, feels like I’m back in Chi already…Sigh… Hot chocolate is defiantly in order and as some you can relate, pre package hot chocolate tastes like crap. Kinda like packaged brownies, the texture is right, but nothing about it actually tastes like chocolate. So obviously I prefer to make home-made hot chocolate, well that brings me to my second problem, that you have to make a whole pot (and considering I don’t drink caffeine, drinking a whole pot by myself would defiantly lead to health issues..sigh..sorry I digress…). My solution, hot chocolate for one. You can make this in the handy dandy microwave or using a small pot on top of the stove. Of course I recommend a dollop of chantilly cream, but hey would you look at that I’m fresh out of chantilly cream, so a tub of cool whip will have to do… From start to finish your cup of hot steamy chocolatey goodness should only take you about 5 minutes. So be a bit selfish and just enjoy a little “you” time, sometimes it just feels nice not to have to share…

from me two you,


hot chocolate for one

2 T. sugar

2 tsp unsweetned cocoa powder

pinch of salt

1 C. milk

splash of vanilla extract

cool whip for topping

– begin by heating milk until just below boiling point. (if using the microwave about 1:30 should be about right)

– add sugar, cocoa powder, salt, and vanilla to heated milk. whisk to combine well.

– top with cool whip and enjoy.




16 thoughts on “hot chocolate for one…

  1. Hot chocolate in this cold, dreary weather would be perfect! Your hot chocolate looks so nice, and frothy on top. Did you get that from the cool whip? -Veronica

  2. Oooh, vanilla extract sounds like a great idea! I used to put some in my smoothies, but never done it with hot chocolate. Will have to give this one a try. I’m loving those sweet treats in the background you got there. 😉

    • Thanks Tahny…doesn’t a little goodies like that just make you feel special…i was a good girl and shared them with my dad, so funny i felt like we were having a tea party again… thanks for taking the time to stop by…sarah

  3. My mother always put a little vanilla in her hot chocolate. I could always count on her to make hot chocolate as a child when my brothers and sisters and I would come in from playing in the snow. It was ready and waiting for us as soon as we stepped inside from the cold. Hot chocolate makes for great memories. So do moms!

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