going to the market…

My dad and I had a bit of a daddy daughter day last week touring the wonderful sights of downtown Knoxville. (Just in case you are a new reader I am a born & raised Knoxville girl , who has been chasing her big city dreams in Chicago for the past few years).  I had heard of a local cooperative grocery store that had opened recently and that my friend makes me excited. I take pride in buying local ingredients, I like the idea that my food hasn’t been shipped from 1,000 miles away.  I’m not saying its a “pride” thing that only foodie people have, but I truly believe like anything in life, you don’t fully appreciate how something was made until you’ve made/or seen it for yourself. The market was filled with much more organic ingredients than I had imagined, but beautiful ingredients non the less. You are greeted by open rafts high ceilings that lend to a very open airy feel (I know they worked very hard for this “airy” green feeling, the market was awarded the 2012 Green Project Award), a small cafe type seating to sit and enjoy a quick-lunch, along with a front and center section of fresh produce. The aisles are filled with everything from grind your own almond butter, skies the limit spices, whole grain pastas, local dairy products, even hand-made soaps and cosmetics. Dad and I bought a basket full of goodies and were very pleased by the beautiful building and kind employees of the three rivers market. I want to encourage everyone to see if you have a local market to go browse around. Yes it may cost you a few extra dollars, but wouldn’t we all rather help your fellow neighbor farmers, than some big box store from china…Stay tuned for a few recipes I came up with to use all my local goodies..

ps..the logs are grow your own mushroom logs..I had never heard of such a thing…and the cupcakes are from Magpies Bakery , my very very very favorite bakery..those cute little babies didn’t stand a chance..

from me two you,






18 thoughts on “going to the market…

    • thank you Tahny…we did have so much fun…really glad we took the time to stop by the store..you just never know what you might find… thanks for taking the time to stop by today..sarah

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