chicken salad deviled eggs…


Easter is right around the corner, and deviled eggs are always on my table. Now I do love just the good old fashion way, but I got to thinking how could I “southern” theses up a bit more….I know, I know ..what the what can you make deviled eggs more southern! My newest creation, chicken salad deviled eggs. All the good parts of deviled eggs mixed in with a bit of chicken-ey salad goodness. My favorite part about this recipe is how few ingredients you need, just a tablespoon of this and that all mixed together and you’re all done. Now this would be a lovely addition any time of year, especially if you’re on a low carb diet. Just something old turned a bit new…

from me two you,


chicken salad deviled eggs

3 eggs – hard boiled

½ C cooked chicken – shredded

1 T. onion – chopped finely

1 T. celery – chopped finely

1 small kosher pickel – choppped finely

1 T. red pepper – chopped finely

2 T. mayo

1 tsp spicy brown mustard

salt and pepper

– begin by peeling, and slicing hard boiled eggs in half. place yellow’s in small bowl.

– place cooked chicken, onion, celery, pickle, red pepper, mayo, and brown mustard into bowl with the egg yellow’s. stir well to combine, making sure to “mash” yellows so no big chunks are left.

– season with salt and pepper to taste.

– spoon a large tablespoon of chicken salad mixture into each egg white. referigerate for 1 hour before serving.

– eat and enjoy…



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