whipped feta olive spread


A small hunk of bread was loitering on my kitchen counter with no where to go and nothing to do. Wasn’t enough to have it for dinner, so I thought another attempt at creating a new appetizer was in order. I find myself appreciating bread more than ever, I would never dare just throw it away or let it sit on the counter to turn into a moldy base ball bat. Once you have tried to make bread, spent the time, energy, just all the effort that goes into something so simple, you would never just throw bread away. Usually I just make croutons or breadcrumbs and store them in the freezer for another day. But not today, today were gonna get fancy…  Today’s recipe is simply delicious, no cooking involved, just toasting the bread and using a food processor. This would be a lovely appetizer in place of your standard cheese ball or a nice addition to a cheese platter. This was also a great opportunity to try out one of my infused olive oils I had purchased. Needless to say this is one of my new favorites, I hope you give it a try and it becomes a favorite for you …


whipped feta olive spread

1/2 cup feta cheese

1/4 cup kalamata olives (pits removed)

1/4 cup green pimento stuffed olives (I used Spanish olives, but anything goes for this recipe)

2 T. mayonnaise

1/4 C. garlic infused olive oil

2 T. fresh parsley – chopped

fresh ground pepper (about 4 grinds – DO NOT add salt, the cheese and olives are plenty salty)

toasted bread for serving (I sliced my bread thinly – drizzled more garlic oil on top then placed in a 350 oven for 10 minutes)

-begin by placing feta, kalamata olives, green olives, mayo, olive oil and parsley in food processor. blend until all ingredients are well combined, but not turned into a paste, you want there to be flecks of the olives still visible.

– is you find the spread is still to thick just add more oil until desired consistency is reached.

– serve with toasted bread or pita chips.



4 thoughts on “whipped feta olive spread

  1. Sarah, this dip is looking so wonderful. I am going to make it and I know I am going to love it. Can’t agree more with you about not throwing bread away after knowing how to make them with tender, loving care. This recipe is just great for my bread. 🙂

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