fresh pasta southern style


Boxed or freshly made, pasta is one of my favorites. Now to be completely honest, my memories of fresh pasta are few and far between as child, but I quickly caught up to speed when I moved to Chicago. I can see why Italian’s have carried on this hand made tradition for so many years. The texture is so soft and velvety, the color is a rich yellow from the oil and eggs used to make it, to me it is a beautiful thing that I just always wanted to make at home. My birthday was a few weeks ago and my momma and papa gave me a beautiful pasta machine, I was beyond giddy to finally give my pasta making dreams a try. To help prep for my pasta fest, I watched a few lessons from Martha (her cooking school show on PBS, is a great episode) and I felt ready to get cooking. I started with Bob’s red mill semolina flour, a few eggs, water, and olive oil and I was in business. This was honestly beyond easy to make, just a bit time consuming. All I’m saying is don’t try to make this for a 30 minute meal unless you have a hidden pasta making Italian grandma inside you, for us average joe’s this is better suited for a weekend meal, where you can sip wine and just enjoy the process of getting dirty and eatin good. I decided to make a light sauce of country ham, summer squash, zucchini, onions, and olive oil, I just really wanted the pasta to shine through. This turned out just beautifully, and I had more fun than I imagined. So if your like me and have dreams of pasta making, go buy that machine for yourself, promise it is just as much fun as you imagined….


fresh pasta

1 1/2 C semolina flour

2 eggs

pinch of salt

2 T. water

2 T. olive oil

-begin by placing flour directly onto a board or counter top. make a small well, then crack eggs into well. add pinch of salt, water, and oil on top of eggs.

– now using a fork begin to whisk the eggs together. slowly begin to whisk in small amounts of the flour. once a large dough ball has formed, knead 3 or 4 times. then cover with plastic wrap and chill for 25 minutes. (you must let the dough chill for it will not roll out at all, it will just clump together.)

– cut chilled dough into 4 pieces and begin to use with your pasta machine.

– once you have rolled and cut dough to your liking, pasta will need to be cooked in boiling water. my pasta only took about 3 minutes to be cooked.

– serve with any sauce of your choice. (my sauce was made by sautéing 6 oz of country ham, 1 summer squash – diced, 1 zucchini – diced and 1 small onion – diced and combine with 1/2 cup of olive oil )  and enjoy…




2 thoughts on “fresh pasta southern style

  1. Oh beautiful, I’ve been planning on making my own fresh pasta for a while but just haven’t got around to doing it. This looks lovely and I’ll probably take a look here for your tips!

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by and liked my post. It really encouraged me a lot! Your blog looks nice. Happy to follow and learn more from your cooking! =]

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