cajun cornmeal fried okra


Okra is one of those vegetables that you love or you hate, no inbetweeners here. It’s hard to describe okra to someone who’s never eaten it, because there’s nothing else really like it…Really try to think of how to explain it to someone, “well it’s shaped like a jalapeno -but not hot, tender like a squash – but not mushy, has seeds on the inside- but they are ok to eat, and oh yeah it’s got goopy cornstarchy stuff on the inside – but it’s totally fine” …and that description my friend is the reason most people have never tried okra.  Like any good southerner would do I prefer to fry my okra.  The common preparation is to cut into small rounds, batter them up, then fry, but I was going for a more finger food option, and decided to cut mine lengthwise. These are so deliciously tender, crunchy, spicy, and just dog-gon good. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the last bit of fresh okra before the seasons change this is a perfect recipe for a crowd. So get em while their hot yall…promise these babies wont last long…



Cajun Cornmeal Fried Okra

1 lb okra, cut lenghtwise

2 C buttermilk

2 C. cornmeal

1 C flour

2 T. Cajun seasoning

salt and pepper

4 C canola oil for frying

– begin by placing oil into small pot that is deep enough for frying.

– place cut okra halves into a glass mixing bowl. pour 2 C of buttermilk over okra and lightly salt and pepper. toss okra to make sure it is well coated with milk.

– using a shallow plate, a pie plate works well, combine cornmeal, flour, and Cajun seasoning. stir mixture well.

– gently take each piece of okra out of milk mixture, and roll in flour mixture just until coated. place okra into oil and fry until golden brown on each side. (about 2 minutes each side)

– serve warm and enjoy (if you are making a large batch you can placed okra on a sheet pan after frying and keep warm in a 300 degree oven)

(if you are lucky enough to have leftovers, place in a plastic zip top bag and freeze, when your ready to eat them again, just place them on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 20minutes, and they taste as good as the first time around.)  



9 thoughts on “cajun cornmeal fried okra

  1. Hahaha! Exactly, I was gonna eat some once and then I saw that slime dripping everywhere and well, had to make a choice. to this day I haven’t had okra but I still enjoyed your post 🙂



    • ha I know it’s really is just one of those weird foods, but it is really tasty fried up, no goopeyness …but thanks for taking the time to stop by…sarah

    • well I just love it, but it is an acquired taste, might be fun to give it a try with your family, see if they would enjoy it, but thanks for taking the time to stop by…sarah

    • yeah another okra girl (a lot of people have said they hate okra!) super easy side dish, one of my favorites of all time…just something about that crunchy crust I just love…. thanks for taking the time to stop by…sarah

  2. Being at least born in the south, I have some southern food tendencies and fried okra is one of them! I only like it fried though. There is something about the slimy inside of okra I cannot handle- it is a texture thing for me.

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