cake for a poodle


So a few weeks ago it was my beloved poodle-baby birthday. Like any good mother would do a homemade cake was in order. I got this idea several years ago from the Martha Stewart show, she makes a similar cake for her dogs, so if it’s good enough for Martha it’s way to good for me. So I’ve simplified the idea a bit and cut down the amount to make it more Macy size. I use a large biscuit cutter to help mold everything together and give it that smooth finish. This cake is just cute, I don’t know how else to say it but if it just doesn’t warm your heart in the slightest to see a cute mini dog birthday cake, I don’t know if we could ever really be friends. So to all my fellow pet owners I hope you give this recipe a try for your furry baby special day I promise it won’t disappoint.
Sarah ( & Macy)
-“whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend, never had a dog”

Poodle Cake
1 large potato – peeled and cubed
1/2 C. ground turkey breast
peas and carrots for garnish
large biscuit cutter

– begin by peeling potato. slice into cubes and put into a small pot. cover with water and boil until potatoes are tender.
– using a non stick skillet, heat to medium low heat. make 2 patties out of ground turkey meat, and place in pan. cook 2-3 minutes on each side until patties are well done.
– drain cooked potato cubes, and mash with a potato masher (for this small of an amount a fork works fine)
– place the biscuit cutter on the serving plate. place small amount of potato in the center of the mold. layer a cooked turkey patty on top. repeat layers until you finish with potatoes on top. remove the mold carefully then garnish with peas and carrots.
– serve to your furry friend and watch the happiness on their face

macy cake onion rings mads (2)


11 thoughts on “cake for a poodle

    • good to hear, I know they will love it.. something about giving them something special just warms your heart… thanks for taking the time to stop by…sarah

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