what to do with those thanksgiving leftovers…

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I know I had a wonderful holiday and I hope you enjoyed yours as well. Today’s post is more of a re post of some past ideas that would be a recipe redo for some of those lingering turkey day leftovers in your fridge. I am a big fan to trying not to just throw things way, but challenge your inner mini chef and see what you can come up with. I hope you give these recipes a try, who knows you may like it more the 2nd time around…


funeral sandwiches 2

funeral sandwiches

If you have some left over turkey these sandwiches are to die for! cheesy, turkey, butter rolls, I mean who could really say no to that…


loaded potato cakes

loaded potato cakes are my absolute favorite way to use left over mashed potatoes…they are truly out of the world delicious…


maple thyme roasted carrots

maple glazed carrots are sweet and savory all at the same time, just simply wonderful…


9 thoughts on “what to do with those thanksgiving leftovers…

  1. I wish I still had some leftovers so I could try some of these awesome and delicious looking goodies 🙂

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